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Root 7 Salon seemed to be the perfect name to describe us, our story, and our roots. 

I'm Stephanie Minutella. My husband is Massimo Minutella. We are both barbers by trade.

My husband's father, Angelo, came to America from Sicily in the early 70's with a dream. He opened his own successful barbershop in Parkville in the early 80's. He encouraged Massimo to follow his trade of barbering in the early 90's. Shortly after that, my husband and I met when I accidentally sat down in the wrong barber chair, his chair, and the rest was history. He later encouraged me to follow this trade.

Angelo was an award-winning barber, commencing his hair career at the early age of 14. I started working for Massimo's father and trained with him, an opportunity of which I am grateful for. After Angelo passed away, Massimo continued his legacy and now runs Angelo's Barbershop.

I opened Massimo's Hair Salon in Perry Hall in the early 90's. It was a rewarding venture, and we really loved the connection we made with our clients and neighborhood. I stepped back for a while and sold our little dream to raise our babies (no regrets there).

Now, we are taking that step again and rebuilding the dream once more as we take ownership of the former Boulevard Salon and transform it into our Root 7 Salon.

My family originated in Sparta, Greece, and my father came to the States with $8 in his pocket. We know the value of hard work. Even more than that, we know the importance of family and taking care of not only the people we hold dear, but also the people we do not yet know. It is my personal mission to integrate these lessons of service and love into Root 7 Salon. It is important to me that you leave this hair salon and barbershop experience feeling like family.

We would love to be your salon. We would be honored to watch your family and our friendship grow. We look forward to serving you!

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